Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the GreenStaxx Solution?

The GreenStaxx (GSX) Solution provides a patented multifamily solution using standardized, data driven unit plans and specifications, offsite modular fabrication and licensed and trained local production teams to reduce the cost and project time frame while increasing quality and sustainability.  It’s smart, affordable and green.

2. What is the GSX Unit Library?

The GSX Unit Library is the foundation for the GSX Solution and contains 23 Units – micro, studio and 1,2,3,Bedrooms, which are pre-designed, pre-engineered and specified to the CD document level.  These Units can be “snapped together’ like Lego blocks to create the residential portion of a building, quickly providing highly accurate drawing plans, and specifications.

3. What kinds of unit options are available?

GSX provides two levels of customization: Predefined packages which contain GSX selected finishes and green categories and categories where the items are at the total discretion of the developer. GSX offers 5 customization packages reflecting the combination of 3 levels of finishes and 2 levels of green.   
We have a standard unit finish spec with both an affordable finish option and an upgrade option. We also have a standard green spec, with a greener option available.

4. What are the major challenges facing off-site production?

Multifamily modular production has suffered from issues related to coordination between off-site and on-site contractors. In addition, modular manufacturers have not developed a replicable product consistent with assembly-line production.

5. Why use GreenStaxx?

GSX users can reduce total project costs by between 10-15%, and reduce time frames by up to 30%, both while improving unit and construction quality.

6. Where are the 10-15% savings coming from?

A combination of time related savings effecting general conditions, fees and carry costs, and of direct cost savings related to supply chains, risk reduction and lowered contingencies, and finally savings related to better coordination reducing RFI’s, Submittals and Change Orders.

7. A 0-15% savings is a lot in this industry. What can confirm this claim?

GSX has created a comprehensive case study using both conventional and modular construction technologies that verifies this claim. Please contact us to learn more about the details.

8. Can I still use GreenStaxx if I don’t want to build modular?

The GreenStaxx library has modifications that work with conventional construction and capture many of the GreenStaxx advantages.  The developer will have the option to convert to conventional construction following comparative cost estimates provided after zoning approval, but before starting contract documents.

9. What is their experience?

Oaktree has been in business for over forty years working primarily as a developer while designing their projects in-house. The GreenStaxx system has evolved over the past five years within Oaktree, and GreenStaxx is now an affiliate of Oaktree’s.
The GreenStaxx system has been utilized in seven multifamily projects comprising over 800 units, some modular and some conventional.

10. Where in the USA (and beyond?) can GSX offer its product/services?

We intend to make GreenStaxx available in all the major multifamily markets in the US.  We have patents pending in the EU and India, and are considering offering the GreenStaxx product in Canada.

11. What is the minimum size project that GSX makes sense for?

There is no minimum size in using the Library, although for practical reasons minimum project size is about 16 units.

12. What is the largest development that utilized GSX?

Cambridge Park Place in Cambridge is designed with GreenStaxx units, conventionally constructed. It is comprised of 312 units.

13. How many stories can be built with GSX?

Currently five stories in wood can be constructed over a one or two floor steel podium – so seven stories total.