Developer Control

  • Developer control of unit design independent of a specific project.
  • Units usable in multiple projects.
  • Reduction in submittals, RFI's and CPO's.
  • Quick access to concept design data. 

Time and Cost Savings

  • Supply chain savings come with unit repetition.
  • Project overheads and financing costs reduced by accelerated time frame.
  • Vetted pre-engineering reduces the need for Submittals, RFI's, and COR's.
  • Accelerated time-frame saves 8-13% of total project cost.

Modular Option Advantage

  • An advantage of modular manufacturing is inherently exacting and efficient.
  • Construction of the product in a climate controlled environment assures quality.
  • Quality is additionally regulated by each states’ third party review process.
  • Manufacturers are highly motivated to do it right the first time and keep production line moving.

Customization Options

  • An Architects talents are liberated to expedite a creative site plan and custom building envelope.
  • Exterior options: balconies and bump-out options from standardized menu.
  • Customization: changes to library units that are not on the menu (GSX advantages not used to fullest).

Sustainable at its Core 

  • Proof that sustainability can be scalable, and continually improved through R&D.
  • Unit stack repetition underwrites and supports time and money for R&D.
  • R&D is focused on more sustainable designs, products and material.
  • Research can take advantage of energy savings.