battling construction costs

May 23, 2017 1:16:00 PM

GreenStaxx's President Art Klipfel is featured in Bisnow talking about how developers are battling the rising costs of construction with innovative construction methods. As stated in the article, many are looking into, and choosing modular construction: "Modular construction has long been a popular choice in the construction of single-family homes, but multifamily developers have also started to experiment with the technique. While each apartment at Porter Square was built miles away, the local construction team, Urban Spaces Construction, prepped the building foundation at the same time on-site. The last months were left for final façade work, plumbing and electrical installation, significantly reducing the total construction time."

 “Our Greenstaxx system for predesigned, energy-efficient housing in smart growth locations has been wonderfully honed at Brookside,” Oaktree president Arthur Klipfel said in an interview with High-Profile. 


 Bisnow Article