Sep 12, 2019 11:14:18 AM

GSX offers a unique program to tackle housing needs in a high-priced housing market by delivering a sustainably designed product at a lower cost, more quickly, and with energy positive attributes. GSX’s off-site construction technologies can address the current housing challenges and is poised to develop sites with market, moderate and low income homes.

It’s a well known problem that many New England towns and cities are faced with the challenge of providing affordable housing for seniors, and moderate- and low-income families.  Boston’s mayor has stated an intention to produce and preserve more than 69,000 units by the year 2030.  Boston is projected to grow to a population of 759,000 by the year 2030, up from approximately 680,000 at present. Such growth will exacerbate an already crushing demand for attainable housing that includes both ‘work force’ and permanently deed-restricted options.

Clearly, the need for a spectrum of housing types serving a broad range of incomes is indispensable to Boston’s continued prosperity.  The imperative of confronting the underlying root of the affordability crisis - i.e.: the costs of production, as documented in the 2015 “Greater Boston Housing Report Card” - could not be more compelling. Our GSX System can facilitate the design and development of a significant number of triple deckers in various configurations, including multiple row houses and double-triple deckers to address this need.

GSX’s Triple Deckers are uniquely poised to help Boston and the state as a whole reach housing goals by combining innovation in design, construction and financing without the use of subsidies such as tax credits or trust fund grants. It is GSX's belief that many land owners and their neighbors would welcome this cost-effective program that can restore the residential scale of a community with high quality, well-designed new homes that are completed in weeks rather than months.  

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One unique and remarkable aspect of the GSX program is that current market prices allow for the proposed inclusionary and market rate units to essentially accomplish an in-house subsidy due to using modular construction.  This program also enables GSX to build the market rate homes at a price that is lower than the rest of the market without public funding, thereby allowing between 20% and 33% of the units to be permanently deed restricted as affordable housing stock. Additionally, our project team is composed of architectural and construction professionals who have committed to include construction training programs. 

In sum, GSX offers a mix of affordable and market rate homes, and can play a real role in alleviating the affordable housing crisis in Massachusetts.