Modular at the tipping point

May 24, 2019 3:50:38 PM
Proof that if you build it, they will come - Developer plans affordable housing on more than 100 vacant lots in Chicago, using modular construction Skender Construction of Chicago opened a modular manufacturing facility earlier this year and has just announced they are now partnered with developer Sterling Bay to build 100 affordable units on city vacant lots. Having access to a modular facility is allowing this team to utilize the benefits of modular construction to build faster at less cost providing more affordable housing. GSX and Oaktree are strong advocates for modular construction and believe that if Boston had access to a closer factory we would be able to combat the current housing crisis. “It’s at the tipping point and I think you’re going to see it absolutely explode,” Sterling Bay CEO Andy Gloor said of the modular building industry. We also believe this and will continue to advocate for modular construction and push our efforts forward to be part of the solution.