variety of design aesthetics achieved with modular construction

Sep 9, 2019 2:32:37 PM

Some people may think that modular design is just boxes stacked together with no way to achieve architectural aesthetics. Or, they may have an image of boring square boxes, or something resembling a chicken coop. This misconception is something that has plagued the industry, and is quite frankly incorrect.  

There are many ways to be creative in the exterior design of a building. How do you design to achieve the look and feel of the building you want?  We recommend that the shape of the boxes be used to its advantage by having jogs in the exterior facade that are created by cantilevering the boxes out and pulling them in from the plane of the building.  Also, in doing this you can use different colors or textures of siding that can create a whole new feel to the building.  These changes add real value for they typically do not cost a lot to do and give the building a different identity than a boring rectangular building. Below are some examples of our projects using the GSX System with modular design and construction. As you will see they are all unique, beautifully designed, modern buildings - no chicken coops. 

GSX Projects


Hickok Cole Architect's informative report describing what modular construction is, and what it can be is another example demonstrating the creative aesthetic variety one can achieve with modular design. "This document is the result of Abigail Brown’s iLab project “Fabulous Pre-fab: Applying Modular Construction to Multifamily Residential Projects in Washington, DC.” An informative report that not only educates you on modular design, it also shows you the almost limitless options one has when designing a modular building. 

(From Report)

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