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Process and Use

The GSX System unlocks efficiencies at every project stage.

The GSX System is powered by a market-vetted, pre-designed and pre-engineered library of 35+ standardized unit-designs that fit together like Lego blocks to form buildings of almost any size or shape. 


In the pre-development phase, the GSX unit library provides the key to faster decision-making in site planning and ensuring the proposed project pencils out. During the design phase, the library delivers pre-engineered, market-vetted unit designs and a standardized specification that together greatly accelerate the final design process and enable seamless coordination for the project team throughout construction.

Phase I

GSX Project Phases

•Financial analysis •Schematic Design (SD) iterations with Building massing model Phase I: High-level building design options with a financial feasibility analysis based on a specific or hypothetical site, so you can quickly understand whether a project is worthwhile. Offered free of charge or obligation. 1. We work with developers to understand the site plan, desired unit mix, allowances for common area, and financial data. In conjunction with our partnering construction manager, we provide a per square foot cost estimate based on local pricing.  2. We produce various iterations of building designs using the GSX system to establish the desired massing model for the project.  3. We provide a projected return-on-cost, using a program linked to the data input.

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