• Utilizing Generative Design concepts, work with a Client to create multiple iterations of design-matrixes to establish building massing and financial feasibility to a return-on-cost level.
  •  Client will select the most advantageous design-matrix iteration for further development.

  • Selected iteration will be populated with unit designs selected from the GSX unit-design library.

  • After entitlements, unit-designs are offered at a CD level for inclusion in the construction document package
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Unit Designs are:

  • Pre-designed and engineered, and assembled in a GSX library for easy access,

  • Customizable,

  • with an option to store for multiple future projects,

  • Modular/DfMA ready, with a conventional construction option,

  • Linked to a standardized specification with engineering guidelines,

  • Designed GREEN, with data describing potential rebates and subsidies,

  • Market tested, in multiple completed projects,

  • Providing CD level drawings and specification for construction documentation,

  • Supply-chain coordinated including coordination with modular interface.