• Utilizing Generative Design concepts, work with a Client to create multiple iterations of design-matrixes to establish building massing and financial feasibility to a return-on-cost level.
  •  Client will select the most advantageous design-matrix iteration for further development.

  • Selected iteration will be populated with unit designs selected from the GSX unit-design library.

  • After entitlements, unit-designs are offered at a CD level for inclusion in the construction document package
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Unit Designs are:

  • Pre-designed and engineered, and assembled in a GSX library for easy access,

  • Customizable,

  • with an option to store for multiple future projects,

  • Modular/DfMA ready, with a conventional construction option,

  • Linked to a standardized specification with engineering guidelines,

  • Designed GREEN, with data describing potential rebates and subsidies,

  • Market tested, in multiple completed projects,

  • Providing CD level drawings and specification for construction documentation,

  • Supply-chain coordinated including coordination with modular interface.



GreenStaxx offers Developers a design/build option. 


GreenStaxx and an Architectural firm committed to utilizing the GreenStaxx unit-design system, can contract for delivery of architectural and engineering services to a selected general contractor or construction manager. This contractor can then offer a design-build option roughly as defined by the related AIA contract form to interested developers.

 As a concept, design/build can reduce design and engineering fees while speeding the process.  Drawings and specifications do not require the same level of detail since there is one source of responsibility – the general contractor or construction manager. 


The GreenStaxx System supports a design/build concept for the following reasons:

  • Since GreenStaxx designs are standardized, general contractors and construction managers that become familiar with GreenStaxx designs can have confidence in lowered risks related to the construction process and specifically to timely supply-chain deliveries, both providing them advantages in marketing their services to Developers. 

  • Contractors linked to GreenStaxx designs will have additional advantages in marketing their services by presenting a tested product and process that offers the option of modular construction that can potentially speed the construction process and reduce cost.

  • GreenStaxx is marketing their process directly to Developers.  For interested Developers GreenStaxx will be offering a design/build option, and when this option is selected, will be looking to identify architects, general contractors and construction managers that are interested in being partners in a vertically integrated design/build team.