The GreenStaxx (GSX) Solution


Pre-Designed & Pre-Engineered Units

  • We have developed over 25 unit variations which can configure most multifamily buildings.
  • Units are stacked in a 3D program to provide a Library of unit stacks.
  • Unit stacks are designed and engineered independent of any specific project.
  • Digital units can be used in multiple projects - realizing the true benefits of standardization and mass-production.
Corridor Units, Inside Corner Units and Outside Corner Units

Unit Stacks Fit onto a Grid

  • For a specific project, a grid fitting unit stacks is sized to the zoning envelope.
  • Unit stacks are dragged and dropped onto a site grid.
  • The result is completed building floor plans for all residential levels.
  • Units stacks in the grid are ready for shop drawings and off-site fabrication. 



  • Multiple configurations can adapt to any site.
  • Cost and income matrices linked to building plans will optimize the design process.




GSX Local Production Team

Vertical Integration:

  • The Local Production Team consists of Developer, Architect, General Contractor and Modular Manufacturer all licensed to use the GSX Solution.
  • General Contractor and one of our Modular Manufacturer Partners provide early pricing information.
  • GSX is in the process of developing coordinated procedure manuals and oversight.