The GSX Unit-Stack Design System 

Starts with the Unit-Stack Library

  • Standardized unit-stack designs are for use in multiple projects.
  • Pre-designed and pre-engineered.
  • GSX System provides developer customization options.
  • Units are dimensioned for modular construction.
  • Can also be used in conventional construction.
  • Continuously updated and improved. 

For Specific Project GSX Creates Project Grid

  • Developer provides GSX proposed project information (site plan and constraints, unit mix, codes, etc.).
  • GSX creates grid fitting project site and owner directions (preferred configuration, orientation, access, etc.).

Project Design: Units are Dropped into Grid

  • GSX quickly provides Schematic Design in a matter of days.
  • Design based on units selected from owner's customized library. 
  • Concept Design provides detailed project information.
  • Information available for Developer's project analysis. 
  • GSX can provide Concept Design iterations to maximize value. 

Construction Documentation

  • GSX provides CD level drawings for units selected for the Concept Design. 
  • Drawings include MEP - FP and full outline specification.
  • For modular option GSX provides additional related information. 
  • CA support available during construction.