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Multifamily building designs. Ready-to-go

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Speed.  Savings.  Simplicity.  Sustainability.

The GSX System is a patented design tool paired with an innovative approach to driving efficiencies and satisfaction at every phase of multifamily housing construction. Our standardized, replicable unit designs and in-unit specifications allow developers to build high-performing, healthy buildings more quickly and at lower cost. We work in partnership with construction managers, modular manufacturers, and architects who are dedicated to advancing innovative, efficient construction methods and streamlining project delivery.

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GSX’s assemblage of modular-ready unit designs have been meticulously engineered to offer the best living experience for unit occupants and the best return on investment for developers. 


The assemblage includes optimized corridor, inside and outside corner, and ADA unit designs that fit together like Lego blocks to form buildings of almost any size or shape. GSX’s standardized outline specification integrates a supply chain of high-efficiency products and top quality materials so that healthy, sustainable homes can also be the most cost-effective, while leaving room for customization where it matters. 


Our process is optimized for modular manufacturing, but conventional construction is an option with the GSX system.

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Variety of unit types; Micro, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR

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Standardized Unit Designs

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“GreenStaxx unit designs are some of the most well-designed living spaces RCM has built in our factory. Not only are the team great to work with, I believe their work towards standardizing building components represents the future of the industry." - Gilbert Trudeau, RCM Group

Our Projects

Greenstaxx Projects

Thousands of modular blocks dropped. Dozens of styles.


Standardization and replicability to drive down costs.  Custom flair where it matters. 

Evolving with our founders’ decades of modular design experience and deep roots in affordable housing, GSX’s award-winning units are market-proven in affordable and high-income areas.


GSX has delivered hundreds of high-quality, human-centered, cost-effective units. Let us help you deliver more homes with less hassle.

Market Reports and News



Gwen Noyes, our COO, participated on the Affordability Panel at last weeks Bisnow Annual Multifamily Conference in Boston. The same issues plaguing the city to create more inventory - infrastructure, cost, available land, outdated transit system - were the usual suspects talked about. However, the main issue that could help to alleviate a lot of the pain points that was discussed is zoning.  "We don't have enough supply," Boston Realty Advisors founder Jason Weissman said. "We need to take politics out of the supply-demand equation and rezone the city. That's what's really needed."

Zoning is a huge issue and one that can't be ignored if we are going to fix this crisis. "A primary impediment to building new housing, developers agreed, is local opposition. Gov. Charlie Baker last month proposed a bill that would decrease the threshold needed to change local zoning rules from a supermajority to a simple majority. Weissman and Krebs praised Baker for the proposal.   "We need to support the governor on the recommendation to go to a simple majority," Weissman said. "If we don't do it, we will never get out of that 'not in my backyard' [mentality] ... A simple majority should be sufficient to allow a rezoning for more multifamily."

If zoning is not changed we risk losing talent and the economic growth that makes Boston an amazing city to work and live in.  Read more from Bisnow about the event

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