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Modular Multifamily Unit Designs
Simplifying Sustainable & Affordable Housing  

Designed for Developers

GreenStaxx offers an innovative, patented design system that drives efficiencies at every phase of multifamily housing construction. 

We see standardization and replication as a macro level solution to the housing affordability crisis and an answer to the inefficiencies that plague the construction industry.  

Our standardized, modular-ready unit designs and specifications empower developers to build high-performing buildings more quickly and at lower cost.

In serving developers, we partner with construction managers, modular manufacturers, and architects dedicated to advancing innovative, efficient construction methods and streamlining project delivery.


GSX Library and Assembly

The GSX Library of modular-ready unit designs has been meticulously engineered to offer the best living experience for occupants and the best return on investment for developers. 


The library includes varied unit sizes, inside and outside corners, shafts for stairways and elevators, and ADA unit designs. All unit designs fit together like Lego blocks to form buildings of various sizes or shapes.


The GSX standardized specification integrates a supply chain of high-efficiency products and top-quality materials so that healthy, sustainable homes can also be the most cost-effective while leaving room for customization where it matters. 


Our process is optimized for modular manufacturing, but conventional construction is an option with the GSX System.

combined L and T and I at 70th second frame rate with 25th for matrix.gif

Variety of Unit Types: Studio, Micro, 1BR, 2BR, 3BR

library gif 500mps.gif


Base 8 units.PNG

Standardized Unit Designs

Unit Design to Modular Ready.jpg
Unit Design to Modular Ready.jpg


© 2018 Arthur A. Klipfel III. All rights reserved. Drawings created with the GreenStaxx ® computer code and method for designing a multifamily dwelling, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,417,488 and 8,116,842. 

GreenStaxx Projects

Evolving with our founders’ decades of modular design experience and deep roots in affordable housing, GSX’s award-winning units are market-proven in affordable and high-income areas.


GSX has delivered hundreds of high-quality, human-centered, cost-effective units. Let us help you deliver more homes with less hassle.

Gilbert Trudeau, RCM Group

“GreenStaxx unit designs were well-designed living spaces that RCM built in our factory. Not only is the team great to work with, I believe their work towards standardizing building components represents the future of the industry."

John Boynton, Developer

"The residents of Brookside Square Apartments continually voice their appreciation of the units and the thoughtfully designed common areas of the building. This mixed-use building has become a centerpiece of the West Concord community. I would definitely contract with GreenStaxx for future multifamily development."

Scott Vlasak, BRH Architects

"As architects, BRHA appreciates the efficiencies that GreenStaxx Unit Library and Specification brings to the design process. It makes our job easier - from clarifying initial designs, to reducing rework - and allows our team to focus on bringing value and creativity to the parts of the building where it matters most."  

84 Sherman Street, 2nd Floor

Cambridge, MA 02140

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