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Our Story

GreenStaxx is a Cambridge-based design company focused on applying the principles of mass production, standardization, and replicability to the modular design-build process for multifamily buildings. We see these principles as the key to lowering the cost of housing and enabling a quicker transition to low-carbon and responsibly sourced buildings. 


GreenStaxx began as a passion project within Oaktree Development, a multifamily developer specializing in the design and development of innovative, multi-family, mixed-use, mixed income, high performance and transit-oriented (TOD) projects.  While working on the design of multifamily residential projects, Arthur Klipfel, CEO of Oakree and GreenStaxx, noticed that most residential buildings are comprised of stacks of units that repeat from building to building: outside corners, inside corners and corridor units. He believed that this repetition could be captured to create an iterative system of designing and constructing residential buildings. The resulting system developed and patented by Arthur became the foundation for GreenStaxx, with the mission of offering the resulting process to residential developers, nationally.

Our Guiding Principles

We seek to play a major role in enabling the most energy-efficient, well-designed, high-quality, cost-effective and replicable multifamily housing available in the US. We intend to do so with integrity in terms of generating positive professional relationships, making responsible material and energy choices, and advocating for sound land use principles and good labor policies. We are committed to continuous improvement and transparency with partners and clients. The team approach requires continuous feedback from participants to achieve cost and performance goals.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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CHAPA   –  Advancing Building Collaborative – Modular Building Institute

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